​If there was a character who was very noticeably absent from Avengers: Infinity War besides Hawkeye and Ant-Man, it was the man who originally brought everyone together, Nick Fury.

During a press conference for a different kind of superhero, The Incredibles 2's Frozone, Samuel L. Jackson talked about how his other superhero "family" kind of fell apart after The Winter Soldier and Civil War without him, when asked about his recent absence from the Marvel universe aside from the cameo promoting his upcoming appearance in Captain Marvel in 2019.

"As I remember that family kind of fell out in the Infinity War didn't they? And I know they didn't call me to make them be good," Jackson joked. "Why am I not there quelling this fire? I did bring all these people into SHIELD and now all of a sudden I'm not there."

Speaking about superhero films, Jackson also took the moment to throw some shade at the DC universe, stating that "there's like another company that makes movies that are like this... a couple of them are good."

He praised the directors and writers over at Marvel as well, stating that "there's a real interesting kind of playbook sometimes that I look at when I watch all those movies and it's like they have this secret sauce." 

"There's something that they know or they find that makes it work," he explained, "and the relationships among the people on the inside of the films always becomes very intimate and intricate."

He also revealed he didn't know anything about Marvel's future plans, commenting that like The Incredibles, "I really don't what's going on but I know they need me and I can make the icy stuff and I make things happen."

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters now, with The Incredibles 2 due out next Friday, June 15th.