​Kanye West's previous record The Life of Pablo was known to have multiple edits following the initial release, even going as far as including entirely new songs, and it seems Yeezy is back on his grind when it comes to his latest record ye, as fans have noticed a slight change since it came out last Friday.

Only posted to the clean version of the opening track, "I Thought About Killing You," Kanye has added a line about his TMZ "​slavery was a choice" comments, rapping, "If I wasn't shinin' so hard, wouldn't be no shade/Buckwheat a** n***a, it's gon' be otay/Sorry, but I chose not to be no slave/young n***a s**t, n***a, we don't age."

The concept of a continual work-in-progress album release was explored on his previous album, The Life of Pablo, but also in Young Thug's recent record Beautiful Thugger Girls, where he added a verse from Quavo on the song "You Said."

The line addition shows more of the political side of Kanye's album rollout, a subject mostly left off the album, but as Kanye ruminates, he's liable to change anything about the record.

It was ​recently reported by Kim Kardashian-West that most, if not all, of the record was scrapped following the TMZ appearance and re-recorded in the two weeks before its release party in Wyoming. 

Here's to hoping the album isn't updated to include anything about the MAGA hat or his support of President Trump.