7 Reasons Why 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Never Reached Expectations

Disney executives put a lot of money into this latest Star Wars venture and well, the movie isn't paying off. In fact, they might just break even according to analysts, but with the box office in constant flux the verdict is still out on that.

The film itself is a decent space western full of references to both the original trilogy and prequel trilogy, some of which are painfully obvious and others that are subtle and delightful to Star Wars fans- from the casual to the long-time to the child who grew up with it wanting nothing more than to take up a lightsaber or a blaster and... I digress.

There are quite a few reasons why Solo under-performed at the box office. So, here we go!

7. More Suited for a Show Than Film

Father and son writing duo Lawrence and Jon Kasdan took to writing this Han Solo story and injected so many references, even grabbing from the no-longer-canon Extended Universe, that they made the world more than just rebels and Imperial control.

The thing is there's so much to explore out of it and even the underground, crime syndicate world fills more space than that of the Jedi and the Sith or Light and Dark Side Force warriors. It's too much!

The underground world clearly has control despite the presence of the Empire and there are plenty in this world. Yet, now with a glimpse of it, the adventures of one who stumbles into the life doesn't sound as interesting as the war over resources between marauders, crime syndicates, and rival gangs. 

6. Production Troubles and Reshoots

Yes, yes, we know you know, but we want to recap anyways. 

Original directors of Solo wanted to turn it into a comedy, frustrating people on set, and were subsequently fired resulting in Oscar-director Ron Howard taking up the film.

The thing is, Howard had to do a lot of reshoots seeing as how Lucasfilm wasn't on board with the majority of the film that had already been shot and so, more money was thrown into production to redo most of the film.

What does that mean? An increased budget. But what else does that mean? Higher box office expectations. (Too high of expectations).

5. People Didn't Come Back After 'The Last Jedi'

If the execs at Lucasfilm knew that The Last Jedi was going to be divisive especially when one of the original stars initially had creative differences with his iconic character, then how did you think other casual Star Wars watchers and longtime fans were going to react?!

Forget the racist, alt-right haters and just look at the fanbase which is split in two. When has anything divided remained strong?!

The divisive The Last Jedi's aftermath is unfortunate for Solo, which was a welcome relief from the letdown that was the most recent episode of The Skywalker Saga.

Some people just didn't want to come back.

4. Terrible Marketing and Film Timing

The Last Jedi's trailers were released nearly a whole year before the film came out and even the other standalone Rogue One still had a few months to ramp up hype, but Solo's trailers were released a handful of months before the premiere. (They weren't even teased with The Last Jedi and people were wondering if they'd ever get a look at the film!)

Couple that with Solo being released in between Avengers: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and Ocean's 8, it simply just forces the moviegoer to choose between the four. Choose two: The movie that spent 10 years of your life, the superhero movie that makes fun of everything under the sun, the first all female-led con, or the origin of the most famous pair of smugglers in a galaxy far, far away?

My answer is ALL and I'm so far three for four.

For some, it's not an easy choice when you're on a budget.

3. Not Enough People Care About a Standalone Film

Han Solo isn't everyone's favorite person. (Just ask Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo).

Really though, not everyone wanted a standalone film exploring the origins of a smuggler who ended up on a cantina in Tatooine.

Unlike the other standalone, Rogue One, Solo offers very little connection to the original story- though it is the first to feature a direct tie to the prequel trilogy and one to feature the most of the Extended Universe. 

When there's a disconnect as big as this with the twist being revealed at the end, well, you can't expect every fan to go flocking to the theater.

2. People Can't Let Go of Harrison Ford/People Bashed Newcomer Alden Ehrenreich

Poor, poor Alden!

Stepping into the role made iconic by Harrison Ford is a tall order and in today's digital age, well Ehrenreich got bashed from the moment he was cast.

Despite assurances that Ehrenreich was being given acting lessons to help with taking up the role and despite approval from Harrison Ford himself, people still didn't give the newcomer a chance and unfortunately, that kind of close-mindedness didn't help the film.

1. Viewer Fatigue and Oversaturation

Sorry to say it Star Wars, but you are not Marvel. 

Whereas the Marvel Cinematic Universe is diverse in its stories, it also offers more subgenres going beyond just a superhero/comic book movie.

There's a certain expectation with Star Wars, involving intergalactic conflict and the like, but, in the end, it is a certain type of science fiction unique to itself. Offer too much of it and clearly it becomes not special anymore and some will decide to pass it up.

I still maintain this is a fun movie to watch and well worth it for the fun references!

Alden Ehrenreich gives audiences a different side of Han Solo which explains the heart of gold character we see throughout the original films though he starts off as a self-centered, self-preserving, scruffy nerf-herder.

This does leave us to wonder what's next for the Star Wars standalones though and what else will come of the world Solo built. I hear there's fan demand for 'Star Wars: Underground' about the crime syndicates.