​Just a couple weeks ago, music power couple and "My Favorite Part" singers Ariana Grande and Mac Miller ended their relationship, but before anyone could even process the breakup, it ​was rumored she was already dating someone new: SNL's Pete Davidson.

Funnily enough, Davidson was also in a relationship in the beginning of May with Larry David's daughter Cazzie, but ended it just one week after Ariana Grande and Mac Miller's split. Coincidence? I suspect not, but the two have yet to confirm the rumors they're dating, that is, possibly until today.

The two stars had appeared together in a 2016 SNL bit before, when Grande joked during her monologue about what her "adult scandal" would be. Davidson came on stage to joke about trying drugs, but apparently the simple interaction might have kindled a budding romance.

Davidson has now shared a photo of the two wearing Harry Potter outfits on Instagram with the caption, "The chamber of secrets has been opened..." They are no doubt aware of the rumors, true or not, and the "secret" revealed in the Harry Potter reference must confirm that the two are indeed dating.

Grande also shared a video of the two cozily roasting marshmallows, a totally normal thing for two platonic friends to do together who are not dating... Some say we have similar looks, so I say she's got good taste.

Yet to be officially confirmed, it would be pretty big if Davidson were to accompany Grande to the upcoming 2018 BET Awards this June, that is if she's attending, as an official announcement the two were together.