​The death that many book readers saw coming and that sent Game of Thrones TV fans into a frenzy, flipping back and forth between being sure he was getting resurrected to thinking he was gone for good, the stabbing of Jon Snow in Season 5 was absolutely devastating.

The Lord Commander of the Night's Watch at the time was stabbed by his brothers in black, and we're still not over it, even though we know he's very much alive now. And the 'killing' blow was delivered by none other than his steward, the teenage Olly who watched as his parents were slaughtered by violent wildlings.

As viewers know, Jon was indeed resurrected by the Lord of Light due to the Red Priestess Melisandre.

The now-resurrected Jon claimed his watch ended with his death, and with his last act, he hanged those who orchestrated his death. It was one of those ordeals that had fans saying, something along the lines of "they had it coming."

But what's been ​revealed was that the young actor behind Olly received some sick death threats.

At the time, actor Brenock O’Connor received a death threat from an American fan who threatened to kill his family in a rather gruesome way after the Game of Thrones Season 5 finale aired.

Speaking at last week’s Bromley Boys premiere, Brenock ​said: “I woke up and I had a tweet from a random guy in America, and it hadn't even come out in England because it was aired the night before in America, and it was, 'I'm going to murder you and your family and rape their corpses and feed it to my dogs.'"

The actor stated he took something positive from that terrible message, thinking his performance was so believable that it affected the fan in such a way. “You've just got to let skim over you — it's not real,” the teen said of the violent tweet.

Of his character on Game of Thrones, the actor joked, "There's no way you can kill two main characters and get away with it." He had been referring to the year before when he had killed Jon's first love, the wildling Ygritte, and added, "I was like I'm taking them all out. I knew when I was coming back. No one told me but I knew that if I was coming back for season six I was not going to survive."

Well, he was right, but right now, it looks like a lot of people are going meet their end in Game of Thrones, and we'll be seeing the bodies pile up within a year's time!