10 Memes You'll Find Hilarious if You're Obsessed With 'The Office'

One of the greatest sitcoms of the 2000s, The Office married humor with the seemingly mundane, creating relatable characters and keeping us rooting for two of them to get together for nine seasons.

If you're a massive fan of the show, you'll love the breakdown below of some of the funniest and most behind-the-scenes realizations that the series' amazing fanbase was able to uncover.

10. Pam Gets Married on a Boat Anyway

Despite telling Roy she doesn't want to married on a boat without her parents there when he proposes to her in the show's second season, Pam ends up doing just that when she finally marries Jim in the sixth season.

Running away to get married on a Niagara Falls boat before the big ceremony, Pam actually does get married on a boat without her parents, only to return to act out the real ceremony despite already being married.

9. Dwight's Chair Theory

As the meme describes, in Season 3, Dwight wants his boss, David Wallace, to give him his wooden chair, and then during a confessional in Season 9 for the episode "The Farm," we see him sitting in an identical chair. Is it the same chair?

8. Everyone is Verified on Twitter Except for Toby

The Toby bashing continues even beyond the screen of The Office apparently, as it's been pointed out many times that Twitter has verified the status of every cast member on the show except for Paul Lieberstein's character Toby, who was the office's HR rep and punching bag of the show.

7. Maybe Dwight is a Hero

All throughout the show, Jim and Pam connect over pranking their co-worker Dwight, and as this web comic theorizes, maybe Dwight wasn't as dumb as we thought. He could have been the biggest fan of Jim and Pam as a couple, and let them prank him in order bring them closer together. 

6. Karen Did Nothing Wrong

When Karen was dating Jim, before she moved branches post-break-up, the audience hated her for detracting from the plot of bringing Jim and Pam together. As fans look back however, they've come to realize Karen did nothing wrong in her relationship with Jim, he was just still in love with Pam.

5. What Happened With This Actress Mishap?

During one of The Office's craziest parties, Michael has difficulty telling two Asian waitresses apart and ends up marking one of the women with a Sharpie marker. However, as the picture above questions, the two actresses in the restaurant are different people than the two women brought to the office. Was it simply a continuity mistake in casting, or did Michael somehow mix the women up so horribly that he brought two completely different pairs of women to the party?

4. Relationship Goals

Jim and Pam might the favorite couple of The Office, but during an auction held by Michael Scott where employees offered up their talents for charity, Bob Vance bet $1,000 just to hug Phyllis, who was his wife. If that's not relationship goals, I don't know what is.

3. Michael Puts Sugar in His Diet Soda

Rather than buying a regular soda, as if to keep healthy, Michael Scott apparently always purchases diet soda and then adds his own sugar. As subtle as most of The Office's jokes can be, this tiny detail is incredibly well thought out.

2. Michael Scott, Master of Disguise

Like someone creating new emails and accounts to take advantage of services that offer free trials, this meme above pokes fun at Michael Scott's impersonations of his employees from Jim to Phyllis, of which he always brought way too far.

1. The Office Reunion

While a reunion season for The Office isn't something we're likely to see anytime soon, there is interest in coming back from the cast, and most fans have been wise to point out how much more attractive actors such as John Krasinski and Steve Carell have gotten over the years.

Here's to seeing the amazing cast return as Jim Halpert and Michael Scott, something I'm sure NBC would pick up if the right parties got involved.