It's time for a spellbinding weekend as Harry Potter marathons will be coming to SyFy and USA!

Currently (and for a couple weeks more), the whole series is available for viewing on HBO, HBO Go, and On Demand with audiences being able to view whichever movie they wish under the 'Back to Hogwarts' menu. However, there's now other ways to marathon the series, as SyFy and USA are basic cable! No need for premium channel subscriptions.

If you're a fan of sitting back on the weekends and watching Harry and his friends get into trouble and then eventually launch themselves into the Second Wizarding War, well then kick back and relax because they're coming soon to the two channels.

Though for those of you who've ever wondered what happened to Freeform's (formerly known as ABC Family) "Harry Potter Weekend," well it came to an end last year as the basic cable rights to the film franchise shifted from Disney to NBC Universal, who then released the streaming rights to HBO. 

Now that it's coming to SyFy and USA, viewers who don't own the series but like watching it when it's on can get their chance again, and although the date for the first marathon has yet to be announced, sources do confirm it will happen sometime this June!