​Savage. Kris Jenner, the 'mama bear' of the Kardashian-Jenner household, will do whatever it takes to protect her family. 

Speaking with ​The Huffington Post about hiring a new assistant, Jenner discussed the amount of secrecy, restraint, and possibly pocket size you'll need to work for the royal family of Calabasas.

"Unfortunately, there are some bad people out there who have not good intentions. And, you know, I obviously can’t control that," Jenner explained. "But to the best of my ability, we try to have people on our team who have our back, who we feel that we can really trust."

Partnering with the networking service Bumble Bizz, a division of the dating app Bumble, Jenner is looking for a new personal assistant she can trust with keeping things such as Kylie Jenner's pregnancy, or whatever happens to the family next, as much a secret as the rest of her family.

"It’s about being discreet and being private and learning," Jenner detailed the job description. "And being able to be mature and understand what the family is all about. If somebody has something that’s happening in your life at the moment and it is a private thing, then somebody [would need] to have a lot of respect for that."

The big pockets might come in handy if you're ever to screw up, however; as a ruthless Jenner stated: "I don’t care how much money somebody might have ― if they have nothing. Some people think, ‘Oh, I don’t have any money, and they’re not going to sue me.’ Well, we’ll take payments."

If you're a locked vault however, get those resumes ready because working for the Kardashian family would take you from 0 to 100 real quick, as Jenner describes that "being around me and the girls" is "nonstop, 24/7 brainstorming and creativity." If you're "organized," "pack a lot into a day," and are ready to be "there nonstop with all engines blazing," sign up with ​Bumble Bizz and get connected.