​On Saturday, Khloé introduced her daughter True to the world for the first time, using a Snapchat filter.

​​While the filter gives True a cute flower behind her ear, it also gives her longer lashes, freckles, a new skin tone, and alters her face and eye shape. 

Many left comments, saying how cute the one-month-old is, but others criticized Khloé's use of a filter on a baby. 

"Why does true have a flower on the right side of her face," asked user @y_boogie5. "Khloe stop with the filters," said user @phillydeesis. “Does the baby really need a filter?” said user @2blackheart. “This picture is so deceiving.”

Yet, despite the criticism, this is not the first time one of the KarJenners used a Snapchat filter to introduce their child to the world. 

When Kim Kardashian's youngest Chicago was born in February, a pink bear filter was used.

Kylie Jenner first posted a photo of Stormi, featuring a crown of flames. 

According to ​People, th​​e use of Snapchat filters by the three girls is not a coincidence, but is a conscious choice. Since the filters have face-altering features, the KarJenners use them in order to protect their babies' privacy. 

Since these photos, however, both Kim and Kylie have posted unfiltered photos of their children. Still, finding the boundaries within this family is a challenge. And perhaps our need to stay involved with their family, makes this even harder for them.