​Ahead of the release of Ocean's 8, actress Sarah Paulson stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to dish on the film, and of course her goddess-like co-star, Rihanna. Let's just say, Sarah is a big fan.

The two began talking about the upcoming film and the amazing cast it has, with Ellen asking if Sarah is friends with Rihanna now. The American Horror Story actress admitted to Ellen that whenever she looked at Rihanna during filming, she would start singing her own renditions of her songs in her head. "It was a sort of daily struggle to not embarrass myself," she explained.

But she definitely did end up embarrassing herself constantly, saying of her behavior, "It was just deeply nerdy, and Sandy [Bullock] would look at me like, 'Hey, dial it down.'"

And it looks like Sarah found a way to get through her nerves, in a nontraditional - yet totally adorable - way. She performed her own little songs for her, until the singer herself would tell her to stop!

"She thought my lyrics weren't so bad, but the melody was terrible," she admitted. "And she gives great side-eye."

Although Sarah seemed a little hesitant to officially say she and RiRi are friends, she did tell Ellen the two hung out at the Met Gala together while waiting for Madonna to perform. Sounds like friends to us!

But then again, we can't even imagine being friends with someone like Rihanna! Ocean's 8 hits theaters June 8.