​Following the release of his new single, 'New Light,' John Mayer ​sat down with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 and and Apple Music to share his thoughts on the music industry, and spoke of fellow artists such as Shawn Mendes and Kanye West.

When speaking on Shawn Mendes, who is probably the biggest John Mayer fan ever, the 40 year old had nothing but good things to say about the up and comer.

"Shawn's just a better version of me in a lot of ways. Shawn's like John Mayer 2.0, without the weird software viruses," John shared. "It's like, I was a beta version of a celebrity and he's just a better. He's a better version of a celebrity than I ever was."

What a compliment! But he's not exactly bashing himself, as he added, "He's not as volatile, but I like where I've ended up, put it that way. Now that everything's sort of flattened out and we've leveled out at cruising altitude, it's lovely. I feel like my ambitions have settled down. I've retired from a certain type of ambition, which I think is right."

To be compared to John Mayer in any way is a huge deal, let alone from the man himself! Shawn Mendes is only 19 years old, so at the pace he's going now, he'll become an icon to the pop/rock world in no time.