For £2000 (roughly $2,709.20, according to Google) could you answer this question: The name of which flower comes from the Latin word for “wolf”? Of the answers are Fuschia, Tulip, Orchid, and Lupin.

(If you're reading this article and you're a Harry Potter fan, you've already figured out the answer).

According to ​viewers of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire (UK), the contestant actually ruled out Lupin when talking aloud and reasoning out answers. Granted, when you're not sure of something and under stress sometimes the things you don't know are just fairly obvious and you struggle.

But it seems like this contestant literally knows nothing about Harry Potter, the movies or the books, as the character Professor Lupin, who is really a werewolf, is fairly significant and returns repeatedly throughout the series along with his affliction being brought up quite frequently.

Fans took to social media, answering the question and injecting some of their Potterhead knowledge along the way. 

Some were funny while others sounded more enlightened. 

Either way, that just goes to show some little secrets hidden in Harry Potter that people have yet to discover.

Luckily for the contestant, he used his ask the audience lifeline, who knew the answer and saved him. Thank you Potterheads (and Latin speakers), you helped the man win £2000!

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