​There's this one movie that started it all. One movie that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe and opened the door for Thanos to walk right in and just **spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler**. That movie was Iron Man... and sadly for Disney, it looks like their signature hero's original costume was just stolen. 

​​According to LA Times, the famous suit that launched a Marvel movieverse went missing from its home in a movie props storage facility in Pacoima, Los Angeles on Tuesday. According to ​reports, the business owners last saw the suit in February and when employees happened to ​check this week, they noticed the iconic suit was gone.

The suit, valued at $325,000, could have been stolen any time between February and late April, so it looks like the LAPD will have quite a long time gap to investigate. 

It seems the Avengers are off-world as they have not been called on, and there's no word on whether Thanos was involved or not.