Could there be a new Hawkins kid joining the Stranger Things group?​

​​A leaked photo taken during filming of Stranger Things Season 3 has led fans to speculate whether or not the Byers family head is pregnant in the new episodes.. or is it just the wind and angle of the shot?

Now Joyce hasn't had the easiest deal with relationships...

​​Yeah, that didn't end well due to demo-dogs. R.I.P Bob Newby.

And let's not even start about Joyce's snake of an ex, Lonnie Byers, who only came back to his family in their troubled times back in Season 1 just to get a payout over his youngest son's "accidental" death.

Then... there's this- complicated relationship that Joyce has with Hopper, town sheriff and also the only other adult privy to the strange things happening around in Hawkins.

If Joyce turns out to be pregnant, then the question is: Who's the father? While there are certainly a lot of Jopper fans out there, ​i​​ncluding actor David Harbour, many think the child could be Superhero Bob Newby's. Hmm, I don't know, but it would certainly introduce another aspect to the adults' storyline on the show. We'll have to wait and see!